School Safety

Safety is a top priority at Sussex Technical High School.

School Safety

The Standard Response Protocol

The Standard Response Protocol (SRP) provides consistent, clear, shared language and actions among all students, staff, and first responders for all hazards. SRP is action based and allows organizations, first responders, students and parents to share a specific vocabulary for quick and coordinated actions. SRP also acts as a tool for training which develops the muscle memory necessary to respond appropriately in moments of crisis.

The SRP is based on five actions: Hold, Secure, Lockdown, Evacuate, and Shelter.

The Standard Reunification Method

Reunifying students with parents or guardians is a critical component of emergency response, but one that is often overlooked. The Standard Reunification Method (SRM) provides school and district teams with proven methods to plan, practice, and achieve a successful reunification amid what can be chaotic and stressful circumstances.

Water Tests

The Delaware Department of Education provided the results of the lead retest of the water sources in our district.  We are pleased to report the overwhelming majority of our fixtures tested negative; however, we did have a small percentage of sources that tested above the limit established by the Delaware Department of Education.  Fortunately, these sources are not located in public areas and are not used for consumption.

All offending water sources were immediately turned off and labeled as off-limits. Said water sources have been remediated or access permanently removed.

More detailed results can be found at


Asbestos Notification Compliance Statement

The Sussex Technical High School has been inspected by:

Compliance Environmental, Inc.

150 South Bradford Street
Dover, DE 19904

A copy of the AHERA Management Plan is on file in the Administration Office:

Sussex County Vocational Technical School District

17137 County Seat Highway
P.O. Box 351
Georgetown, DE 19947

This document is available for review upon request during normal working hours by any employee, parents, or visiting persons. Any questions should be directed to Mr. Hud Athey, Director of Administrative and Designated Person/LEA for the Sussex County Vocation Technical School District.