Sussex Technical High School Alumni Association

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Sussex Technical High School Alumni Association


The Sussex Technical High School Alumni Association is dedicated to strengthening the engagement and connection of alumni, the community, and current students to enhance the value of a Sussex Technical High School Education.


To advance Sussex Technical High School by engaging our local community to empower the school’s success and enrich the educational journey of current students.


  • Develop an integrated communication plan to reach all of Sussex Technical High School’s alumni family.
  • Establish mutually beneficial partnerships with our local communities.
  • Continuously recruit members to join the association.
  • Work collaboratively with current students, faculty/staff, and the district office to support and reward students for academic achievement.
  • Create an annual strategic plan for the association.

Board of Directors / Founders Circle

Yanelle Powell 2000


Tansheika Smith 2000

Vice President

Samantha Haas 2007


Jaime Richards-Williams 2000


Aaron Carey 1994

Board Member

Phyllis “Pebbles” Hall 1996

Board Member

Josh Lynch 2008

Board Member

Jeremy Dutton 1997


Justin Kates 2006


Siobhan Kelley 2002


Hannah O'Hara 2019


Tom O'Hara 1978


Jocelyn Santiago 1996


Zoe Stayman 2017


Sara Tibbett-Wright 1996


Eric Williamson 2003



Gina Derrickson

Sussex Tech Public Information Manager