Sussex County Vocational Technical School District


Senior Superlative winners are as follows:

Amazingly Artistic- Christmy Parpouloute and Aaliyah Simmons
Busy Bees- Nessy Cherazzard and Michael Marquez
Curliest Curls- Jenna Acevedo and Kali Stratton
Dopest Drip- Kallie Dangerfield and Jordan Vanderhorst
Exquisite Eyes- Mackenzie Whaley and Nick Rifenburg
Forever Friends- Anthony Baker and Ndango Dinga
Goofy Goobers- Bryce Bowe and Azael Martinez
Hyper Handfuls- Hailey Workman and Zyaire Fooks
Incredibly Intelligent- Macy Sapna and Harry Hudson
Joyous Jocks- Jaryn Sample and Meadow Tessoro
Kindest Kiddos- River Findeison and Angelina Eddy
Lacksidasical- Gabe Miller and Berkeley Earley
Most Musical- Zoee Baker and Donald Saintphard
Nosey Nellies- Alexa Rolph and Robin Berduo
Optimistic Outlookers- Raehel Pogwist and Brady Nicole
Proud pranksters- Isaiah Rodriquez and Devonna Fletcher
Quaintly Quiet- Emmanuel Ocampo and Gretel Correa-Vera
Road Ragers- Bethany Covey and Nick Rode
Superb Smiles- Rishon Smith and Peyton Folliard
Talented Teens- Gabby Oliphant and Olivia Farro
Undeniably Unique- Jack Jones and Bethany Baker
Vibrant Vibes- Zaine Bradley and Darcy Rohman
Weekly Wonderers- Rachel Mordes and Colin Hilton
X-Factors- Yougendy Mauricette and Walker Mozingo
Yearlong Yappers- Ashlyn Elliot and Simeon Hill
Zzz- James Luther and Alyssa Kellam
Please come to room 125 the week of January 9 during Pd. 6 WITH your co-winner and any props to get your portraits taken for the yearbook!  Passes will be distributed to you after break as a reminder.  Congrats you super seniors!