Sussex County Vocational Technical School District



Work-Based Learning, also known as Sussex Tech’s Career Capstone program, is about acquiring career skills in the workplace that will guide students through the world of work. Students are able to work with skilled professionals in their career-technical areas and explore the workplace to help them make career and future education decisions. Businesses gain qualified, experienced workers being developed at Sussex Tech, and the internships strengthen the school-community partnership.

Work-Based Learning internships must be directly related to a student’s career-technical area of study. It is the goal to have all eligible seniors to be placed in internships in the community. The Delaware Office of Work-Based Learning supports local employers and schools.

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In the 2019-20 school year, we have had tremendous growth in the number of students participating in a WBL experience:

  • 40 percent of seniors are in WBL, marking about 29 percent growth over 2018-19.

14 of 17 technical areas have seniors participating in WBL.

Students have a variety of options to participate in a WBL experience and gain those hands-on skills, including working two weeks and attending school for two weeks, then repeating; working half-days every day; working only during their technical periods; working full days that alternate with school days; and other flexible scheduling alternatives for eligible seniors.

Student Responsibilities

Students participating in Work-Based Learning internships must:

  • Be in good academic standing.
  • Abide by all regulations of the school, the district, the WBL site, and the terms of the WBL agreement.
  • Maintain all proper documentation as required by the WBL coordinator, technical teacher, and employer.
  • Submit completed WBL training evaluation forms, attendance records, and all other documentation required by the technical teacher and WBL coordinator by the due dates.
  • Have a completed work permit on file at the high school office if under age 18 if the internship is paid.
  • Maintain regular attendance at WBL and at school, and notify the supervisor and technical teacher prior to any absences.
  • Attend WBL on the days school is closed if required by the WBL coordinator and technical teacher. Advance arrangements must be made wit the WBL coordinator, technical teacher and employer/supervisor if unable to attend WBL.
  • Remain in WBL until released by the supervisor or the WBL coordinator.
  • Maintain acceptable behaviors at school and on all WBL sites.
  • Show an interest in the activities and experiences offered on the WBL site and carry out all assigned tasks.
  • Secure reliable transportation to and from the WBL site.
  • Work at tasks willingly unless the assigned task jeopardizes the health or safety of the student. Questionable tasks should be discussed immediately with the WBL coordinator.
  • Dress and groom in a manner consistent with the standards of the employer and on the WBL site.
  • Must not use cell phone for calls or texting during work hours.
  • Must not make any posts or comments on any social media platform sites that are defamatory, obscene, threatening, offensive, demeaning, derogatory, abusive or off-topic about any or against any person or company participating in the WBL program or about Sussex Technical School District or its employees.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

  • Support the student by providing transportation to and from the WBL site.
  • Schedule all appointments after school and WBL. A student cannot take off WBL for appointments.
  • Will not call or text the student while at work. Emergencies should be directed through the WBL coordinator and the employer’s main office.
  • Direct issues or concerns about student’s employment to the WBL coordinator, not the employer. The WBL coordinator is an advocate for the student and the best resource to resolve issues.

For Information: Delaware Child Labor Law

Evaluations and Assessments

All WBL students will be required to document their internship experience. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that a monthly evaluation form is filled out and signed by the WBL employer, signed by the student, and returned to the technical teacher. Once a month, the WBL coordinator will complete an on-site evaluation. The WBL coordinator will also make unannounced evaluations by phone, emails, and additional visits to the work site.

More Information

For more information, contact Dona Troyer, 302-856-0961, or Sussex Technical High School, 17099 County Seat Highway, Georgetown, DE 19947.