Sussex County Vocational Technical School District


Parents: We do not have an emergency health form on file for more than 80 students. These forms were due at the beginning of the school year. Sussex Tech is required by the State of Delaware to have them on file for all our students to ensure their health and safety. If we do not have a form for your student, these next steps will be taken:

> Students who have not turned in the form by Friday, October 4, will be barred from all extra-curricular activities. That includes athletics, band, driver’s education, clubs, student organizations or field trips, and certain privileges, including working in technical area shops or labs.

> Beginning Monday, October 11, students who have not turned in the form will be prohibited from attending school.

The forms include emergency contacts, medical information, allergies, and medication details. This information is vitally important to helping your students if an emergency situation or accident were to occur. We do not want to have to take these steps, but are required to have the forms on file.

If you need an extra copy, your student can pick one up from the nurses’ office or you can print one here.

Please call 302-854-2819 if you have any questions.