Gentlemen's Society


The mission of the Gentlemen's Society is to Inform, Empower and to Transform young males into respectable gentlemen. We accomplish this task by capturing the minds of young men and helping them see themselves differently. This, in turn causes the world to perceive them differently.

Gentlemen's Society Program Outline

Gentlemen's Society is a leadership/mentoring and advocacy program geared toward increasing college readiness, student engagement and motivation through relationship and career building; enhancing communication skills; developing role models and mentors; providing service to the community; and participating in male-friendly activities.

Gentlemen's Society provides a curriculum that involves weekly lessons to guide students through subjects such as honor, integrity, responsibility, dignity, etiquette, anger management, self-esteem, character and goal setting. Students meet weekly and dress in the appropriate Gentlemen's attire. Quarterly progress reports are completed by teachers and incorporated into a point system covering appropriate attire, academic performance, personal portfolio, resume, community service and behavior.

Gentlemen's Society Officer Application

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