Activity Bus Schedule

As a service to our families, Sussex Technical High School provides activity buses for students involved in after-school activities, including athletics, band, and Techademic Coaching. The buses leave school at 6:05 p.m. and drop students off at designated points on seven routes around the county. They do not bring students to their homes; parents and guardians are responsible for students after drop-off. 

2019-20 Activity Bus Schedule

Activity Bus Rules

  • Students must be involved in a school-run after-school activity to utilize the activity bus service.
  • Riding the activity bus is a privilege and is not to be abused.
  • All riders must sign in with the driver every time they ride.
  • The stop times may vary due to traffic, ridership, etc.
  • Any questions about this schedule should be referred to your student's coach or advisor.
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