Sussex Tech Attendance Office and Policies

Exam Attendance Policy Reminder:

Parents/Guardians must contact the main office prior to 9 AM on the day of the exam in order for their child to be excused and eligible to make-up that day's exam(s).

Home Access Clarification

Please note that Home Access will show classes 1, 2, 3, & 4 each day. This numbering relates to the class that day, NOT period 1-4. Therefore, depending on the even/odd rotation, class 1 = period 1 or 2, class 2 = period 3 or 4, class 3 = period 5 or 6, and class 4 = period 7 or 8. Please contact your child's teacher regarding discrepancies with single-class attendance reporting.

Family Trip Form

If you are planning a family trip/vacation, please print, have completed, and submit the following document, which may also be found in the high school and attendance offices, at least 2 school days prior to your departure date.

Download Family Trip Form

Sussex Tech Attendance Philosophy

Students' regular and punctual attendance is essential for success. Class attendance is necessary for learning, for social and academic achievement, and for developing such life-long habits as punctuality, dependability, and self-discipline. Students and families are expected to keep absences to a minimum.

We are committed to help students develop these habits and to maintain academic standards for earning credit. Each student is an irreplaceable resource, necessary for the interaction that forms an essential part of classroom learning. When absences occur, the educational experience of all students in class is diminished. Students are expected to be in school and in class every day. They should be fully aware that the interactions that occur in the classroom cannot be duplicated and constitute a valid and critical part of the course work. Attendance is a three-way responsibility among the student, parent, and school. Working together, we can insure that our students are successful in high school and in their future.

Attendance Q&A

  • What should I do when I have an absent note to turn in?
    If you have been absent and have a doctor's note or legal note, please turn the note in by placing it in the box labeled "Attendance Notes" outside of the Attendance Office. Notes must include: current date, student's full name, absence date(s), reason for absence, parent name and signature, and parent contact phone number.
  • What should I do when I need an early dismissal?
    Bring your parent note to Mrs. Allen at the attendance desk outside the Attendance Office before 8:30 AM. Note must include: your full name, the date, the time for the dismissal, the reason for leaving, who is picking you up, parent name, parent signature, and parent contact phone number. Mrs. Allen will give you an early dismissal slip. If Mrs. Allen is not at the desk, please take your note to Mrs. Allen in the main office. Upon entering class, you must show your early dismissal slip to the teacher whose class you will be leaving. After leaving class, you must report to the main office to sign out and then to the security area to meet your ride.
  • What should I do when I arrive late to school?
    Upon arrival at school you must report directly to the high school office and give Mrs. Allen your late note and sign in. She will give you a late slip to enter class. If you do not have a legal or medical note, your late arrival will be unexcused. If you accumulate two unexcused late arrivals per marking period you could receive a suspension after school.
  • Is there an attendance requirement to play in an athletic contest?
    If you participate in a sport, please be aware that you must be in school before 12:00 noon or have a doctor or legal note in order to participate in practices or games.
  • Am I allowed to miss school in order to visit a college?
    We encorage our students to continue their education beyond Sussex Tech. Therefore, we support students visiting prospective colleges/universities. Students who are juniors or seniors are allowed time to visit prospective colleges/universities without having the absences affect their attendance. Juniors are allowed three days for college visits and seniors are allowed three days for college visits as well. You are required to bring back documentation from the college admissions office verifying your visit with them.
  • Do family trips during the school year affect my attendance?
    Please be aware: any days missed due to a family trip accumulate and count toward your attendance limits. When possible, we encourage you to plan family activities during our scheduled school holiday closings.
  • What about other questions I may have concerning attendance?
    If you have any questions concerning attendance, please stop in and see Mr. Marvel in the attendance office or Mrs. Allen in the main office. We will be glad to assist you.

Attendance Policies


When writing an absent note please be sure to include:

  • the student's full name (first and last)- no nicknames please
  • the date(s) of the absence
  • the reason for the absence
  • parent/guardian printed name and daytime phone number so that we can call you if we have any questions
  • parent/guardian signature and date

Attendance/Tardiness/Early Dismissal/Late Arrival

Today's employers rate attendance and dependability as two critically important attributes for employment and career success. At Sussex Tech, we believe a positive work habit displayed in school will carry over into the world of work. Good attendance habits learned in high school lead to good attendance habits at work and increased job success.

  1. Students who are absent at a rate of 15% or higher are determined to be excessively absent. When students reach 7 unexcused absences, their parent/guardian will be notified by a letter from the attendance office. Students who are excessively absent are required to have a meeting with the attendance officer to develop a plan for improved attendance, which may include being put on an attendance contract. Students who are excessively absent after the first semester will be put on an attendance contract. If the attendance contract is broken they will be put on a credit denial contract. If the credit denial contract is broken students will be referred to administration for credit denial.
  2. Legal and medical absences will be excused, provided students furnish appropriate documentation. Legal excuses are defined as an illness certified by a doctor's note (MED), death in the family with submission of a funeral card or obituary, and legal business as supported by court documentation (L). Students have 5 school days from the date of the absence to submit their documentation.
  3. Students who accumulate three (3) unexcused classroom tardies during a marking period may receive a teacher disciplinary referral.
  4. Students who arrive late to school four (4) times per marking period (LU), not including legal/medical (LE) late arrivals to school, or school activities, will receive a disciplinary referral. All subsequent late arrivals to school (LU) will result in additional disciplinary referrals. Students have five (5) school days from the date of their late arrival to turn their note in to school; otherwise, the note may be denied.
  5. Students who accumulate four (4) unexcused early dismissals (EDU) from school per marking period, not including legal/medical early (EDE) or school activities, will receive a disciplinary referral. All subsequent unexcused early dismissals (EDU) from school may result in additional disciplinary referrals. Students have five (5) school days from the date of their early dismissal to turn their note in to school; otherwise, the note may be denied.
  6. Scheduled family trips/vacations will be counted as unexcused absences (AU). Additionally, students must complete a family trip form and submit it to the high school office prior to the family trip/vacation.

Credit Denial Appeal Process:

To appeal denial of credit, the parent/guardian must contact the school within 5 school days of receipt of the credit denial letter. Denial of credit appeal for absences is at the Principal's appeal level only.

Physical Education Excuses:

Requests must be given to the school nurse at the beginning of the day prior to first period class.

Early Dismissals:

Students leaving school before the close of the school day must have a written excuse from their parent/guardian stating the reason and time for that dismissal and the expected return time. Excuses must include a phone number where a parent/guardian can be reached, must be signed by the parent/guardian, and must be presented to the office BEFORE first period.

If students cannot be picked up by their parent/guardian, the student must present a note to the attendance officer from the parent/guardian stating the name and relationship of the person picking up the student. In the case of an emergency, permission may be obtained by phone by the student's supervising principal and a note verifying contact with the parent/guardian will be presented to the attendance officer. Person(s) picking up the student, including a parent or legal guardian, must present proof of identity. Student drivers will leave for an early dismissal by their own transportation following the above guidelines for an early dismissal.

Unexpected early dismissal? Due to legal and safety reasons, students will not be released to ANYONE other than a parent or guardian until school staff have verified parental permission.


Automated Calls Made Each Day For:

  • Students absent for 1 or more periods
  • Late Arrivals to school or class

Additional Interventions:

  • Personal Communication or Conferences for Identified Concerns
  • 8 days absent - Attendance Warning Letter, student conference
  • 12 days absent - 2nd Attendance Warning Letter, student conference
  • 16 days absent - Certified Attendance Letter sent, student conference; Administrative Intervention: Attendance Contract, Denial of Credits, and/or Truancy Procedures/Court
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