Logos and Guidelines

The Sussex Technical Board of Education has approved the district's new logo for use beginning July 1, 2019, to be phased in replacing all previous logos. The logo was designed by Joe Wilder of the Class of 2019.

Types of Logos

We have several versions of the logo to use in different situations - full-color for general use, and black 8 white versions for use against dark or white backgrounds to stand out. Please refer to the Graphics Standards Manual for examples of how to use each version.

Examples of each version are below; please do not copy these images, but download the full versions from the links at the bottom of this page.
  • Primary: This logo has all three elements - the raven head, the words "Sussex Tech," and our district core statement, "Preparing Students For Their Future." This should be used in most cases for publications, documents, and signage.

Sussex Tech Logo

  • Simple: This logo features the raven head and the words "Sussex Tech." This will most likely be the best option for embroidery and apparel where the core statement can't be reproduced. It can be customized to replaced the word "Sussex" with the name of a sports team or program area. Contact the Public Information Officer for a customized version.

Sussex Tech Logo

  • Icon: This version is just the raven head, to be used in certain situations where the others won't fit or aren't appropriate.

Sussex Tech Raven Head

Usage Standards

In addition to the usage outlined in the Graphic Standards Manual, these guidelines should also be followed:

  • Do use the versions of the logo available for download from our website, or versions obtained from the Public Information Officer.
  • Do not use scanned or photographed versions.
  • Do not edit the logos. Don't crop, stretch, rotate, flip, rearrange, add text, change colors, or add special effects like shadows or glows.
  • Do not overlay text, graphics, icons or images over the logo.
  • Do not put the logo inside of a box or other graphic element.

    Images for Downloading

    The logo versions are available here for download in high-resolution PNG format, which should be suitable for most general purposes. If you need another format or a vector version for a vendor, please contact the Public Information Officer.

  • Primary Logo, Full Color
  • Primary Logo, BW for White Background
  • Primary Logo, BW for Dark Background
  • Simple Logo, Full Color
  • Simple Logo, BW
  • Icon Logo, White on White Background
  • Icon Logo, White on Dark Background
  • Icon Logo, Dark on White Background
  • Icon Logo, Dark on Dark Background

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