Sussex Tech High School


Sussex Tech Drama is proud to present Alone, Together in the Commons Area Theatre from November 18th to 20th! Through a series of short plays and monologues, our cast explores the many ways we were alone, together during the pandemic.  It’s an opportunity for us to use comedy and drama to reflect, share, and explore our past and build towards a brighter future. This 90-minute production is presented without intermission and features 20 Sussex Tech students embodying roles young and old. Tickets are on sale now!

  • Who: Sussex Tech Drama
  • What: Fall Play – Alone, Together
  • Where: The Sussex Tech High School Commons Area Theatre
  • When: November 18th, 19th, and 20th @ 6:30 
  • Ticket Information: General Admission – $8 for students/seniors, $10 for non-students/seniors
  • Payment Methods: Cash or Checks (made out to Sussex Tech)
  • Contact for
    • Tickets can be purchased in-person starting November 8th at Sussex Tech from Mr. Natoli
    • Tickets can be purchased the night of the show
  • Cast Members:
    • 12th: Kade Taulbee, Sam Jones, Jake Youse, Eliana Nunez, Olivia Smith, Donald Pasmore, Xiara Medina-Lima, and Sarah Cordery
    • 11th: Sophia Littleton, Jack Jones, Zykai Vester, Tristen Singh, Natalie Lampron, Harry Hudson, Angelina Garofalo, and James Luther
    • 10th: Noah Townsend and Ariana Zavaria-Oliveros
    • 9th: Aanyka Vester and Kiersten Todd


About the Play: March 2020. As we entered a “stay at home” order due to the coronavirus pandemic, UC Santa Barbara’s LAUNCH PAD commissioned 24 distinguished playwrights to pen monologues and short plays inspired by the prompt “Alone, Together” and written to be performed live on Zoom or in-person. The immediate goal was to create vibrant opportunities for theatre students during the challenging moment when in-person productions at all schools and theatres across the country were canceled and everyone quickly pivoted to remote teaching.  The plays accomplished that—and so much more.

About Our Show: Our show features 15 short plays and monologues curated to provide a rich array of material ranging from comedy to drama, small to large cast size, and shifting tones. This is a show born of a moment, but one that will live on for the ages. It’s an opportunity for us to reflect, share, and explore how we were alone, together. This 90-minute production is presented without intermission and features 20 Sussex Tech students embodying roles young and old.

Hope to see you there!

Mr. Anthony Natoli
English Instructor
Sussex Technical H.S.