WBL Responsibilities – Students / Parents

Students participating in Work-Based Learning internships must:

  • Be in good academic standing.
  • Abide by all regulations of the school, the district, the WBL site, and the terms of the WBL agreement.
  • Maintain all proper documentation as required by the WBL coordinator, technical teacher, and employer.
  • Submit completed WBL training evaluation forms, attendance records, and all other documentation required by the technical teacher and WBL coordinator by the due dates.
  • Have a completed work permit on file at the high school office if under age 18 if the internship is paid.
  • Maintain regular attendance at WBL and at school, and notify the supervisor and technical teacher prior to any absences. 
  • Attend WBL on the days school is closed if required by the WBL coordinator and technical teacher. Advance arrangements must be made wit the WBL coordinator, technical teacher and employer/supervisor if unable to attend WBL.
  • Remain in WBL until released by the supervisor or the WBL coordinator.
  • Maintain acceptable behaviors at school and on all WBL sites.
  • Show an interest in the activities and experiences offered on the WBL site and carry out all assigned tasks.
  • Secure reliable transportation to and from the WBL site.
  • Work at tasks willingly unless the assigned task jeopardizes the health or safety of the student. Questionable tasks should be discussed immediately with the WBL coordinator.
  • Dress and groom in a manner consistent with the standards of the employer and on the WBL site.
  • Must not use cell phone for calls or texting during work hours.
  • Must not make any posts or comments on any social media platform sites that are defamatory, obscene, threatening, offensive, demeaning, derogatory, abusive or off-topic about any or against any person or company participating in the WBL program or about Sussex Technical School District or its employees.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:

  • Support the student by providing transportation to and from the WBL site.
  • Schedule all appointments after school and WBL. A student cannot take off WBL for appointments.
  • Will not call or text the student while at work. Emergencies should be directed through the WBL coordinator and the employer’s main office.
  • Direct issues or concerns about student’s employment to the WBL coordinator, not the employer. The WBL coordinator is an advocate for the student and the best resource to resolve issues.
  • For Information: visit the Delaware Child Labor Law website