Attendance Philosophy

Sussex Tech Attendance Philosophy

Students’ regular and punctual attendance is essential for success. Class attendance is necessary for learning, for social and academic achievement, and for developing such life-long habits as punctuality, dependability, and self-discipline. Students and families are expected to keep absences to a minimum.

We are committed to help students develop these habits and to maintain academic standards for earning credit. Each student is an irreplaceable resource, necessary for the interaction that forms an essential part of classroom learning. When absences occur, the educational experience of all students in class is diminished. Students are expected to be in school and in class every day. They should be fully aware that the interactions that occur in the classroom cannot be duplicated and constitute a valid and critical part of the course work. Attendance is a three-way responsibility among the student, parent, and school. Working together, we can insure that our students are successful in high school and in their future.