Attendance Office

Sussex Tech Attendance Office and Policies

Exam Attendance Policy Reminder:

Parents/Guardians must contact the main office prior to 9 AM on the day of the exam in order for their child to be excused and eligible to make-up that day’s exam(s).

Home Access Clarification

Please note that Home Access will show classes 1, 2, 3, & 4 each day. This numbering relates to the class that day, NOT period 1-4. Therefore, depending on the even/odd rotation, class 1 = period 1 or 2, class 2 = period 3 or 4, class 3 = period 5 or 6, and class 4 = period 7 or 8. Please contact your child’s teacher regarding discrepancies with single-class attendance reporting.

Family Trip Form

If you are planning a family trip/vacation, please print, have completed, and submit the following document, which may also be found in the high school and attendance offices, at least 2 school days prior to your departure date.