Sussex County Vocational Technical School District


Those students who received an invitation to complete the packet to be considered for Induction as a member in National Honor Society and National Technical Honor Society need to turn in the completed paperwork in by 9 am on Monday, Oct 2 to either Lauren Lins or Nancy Massaro: Advisors.  Packets that do not contain all components will not be considered.  Please do not wait until the last minute to retrieve your recommendation letters from those adults you asked to write a recommendation.  Do not wait until last minute to obtain your live signatures to complete the sheets that prove your involvement in school, community and other activities.  Submissions before Oct 2 will be accepted.  Should you have questions, please see Lauren Lins in her classroom located at the end of the 300 wing or Nancy Massaro in the 700 wing by the gym.

We look forward to seeing a huge amount of packets submitted this year. Good Luck and see you Oct 2 before 9 am.