Sussex County Vocational Technical School District


Landscape Management and Environmental Technologies is an exciting career program. Sussex Tech, in partnership with county and state agencies, provides Sussex County students an opportunity to prepare for a dynamic profession within landscape management and environmental technologies. This program provides an intensive three-year educational experience that prepares students for postsecondary employment and education in the rapidly growing landscape and environmental fields.

 Modern and real-world environmental problems and practical problem-solving methods provide the central focus for the program. The curriculum provides instruction in a broad spectrum of environmental studies including natural resources, ecology, aquatics, wildlife, wetlands, waste management, alternative energy, environmental law, soils, plant science, forestry, turf management, and landscape design/maintenance. These curriculum topics offer students practical hands-on experiences with state-of-the-art testing and monitoring technology in the outdoor classroom environment and in a new state-of-the-art greenhouse. Students within this career-technical pathway are also eligible to participate in both FFA and Delaware Envirothon competitions. 


Future Jobs & Career Paths 

  • Environmental Technician/Engineer
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Environmental Consultant/Planner
  • Parks/Recreation Worker
  • Parks and Recreation Supervisor
  • Storm/Wastewater Technician
  • Storm/Wastewater Operations Supervisor
  • Municipal Employee/Manager
  • Physical and Life Science Technician
  • Lab Technician
  • Environmental Educator
  • Enforcement and Compliance Officer
  • Air-Quality Control Technician
  • Landscaper
  • Land-Use Planner
  • Civil Engineer
  • Biologist
  • Environmental Lawyer
  • Nursery Owner/Operator
  • Entomologist
  • Wildlife Manager
  • Forester, Soil Scientist
  • Soil Conservationist 
  • Water Operator