Sussex County Vocational Technical School District


Although styles and fashions change from year to year, the work of cosmetologists remains the same – helping people look their best.

The goal of this program is to prepare students to become licensed cosmetologists. This involves training in current theory and extensive practical training. Students are taught shampooing techniques, hair shaping, hair coloring, permanent waving, hairstyling, relaxers, facials, scalp treatments, and manicuring. 

Upon successful course completion, which includes the requirement of 1,500 cosmetology instructional hours, students are qualified to take the State Cosmetology Board Examination for licensure.

Future Jobs & Career Paths

  • Shampoo Technician
  • Beauty Consultant
  • Manicurist
  • Hair Stylist
  • Make-up Artist
  • Instructor
  • Hair Colorist
  • Permanent Waving Technician
  • Skin Care Specialist
  • Cosmetic Chemist
  • Salon Owner
  • Salon Manager
  • Retail Specialist