Sussex County Vocational Technical School District

At Sussex Tech Adult Education Division, we call Apprenticeship the “Other Four-Year Degree.” It is the best way to learn a skilled trade and earn the most sought-after, industry recognized credential, the Journeyperson Certificate. A Registered Apprenticeship program combines daily hands-on training through your sponsoring employer known as OJT ( on-the-job training) combined with trade-related classroom instruction known as RTI (related training instruction). It is a formal system of learning and practicing your chosen career/skilled trade by earning the required RTI and OJT hours.

Sussex Tech Adult Education Division is the sole provider of DOL-approved Apprenticeship RTI for Sussex County. As a student, our division will provide and document your required RTI hours needed to earn your Journeyperson certificate. All Delaware residents and workers can enroll in Apprenticeship training here with or without a sponsoring employer. While attending classes our counselors will connect you with skilled trades employers and foster the Registered Apprentice process with DOL. Once registered, you, your employer, and DOL manage the required OJT hours to earn the Journeyperson certificate. Once the required OJT and RTI hours are earned, you will become a Journeyperson. Most traditional trades require 576 RTI hours and 8000 OJT hours to earn the Journeyperson Certificate.

For more information, check out our current program brochure, call 302-856-9035 or register today.

Notice to Employers

Don’t miss an opportunity to enroll your employees in apprenticeship training!

You can become a “Sponsoring Employer” and your employees can become “State Registered Apprentices.” Act now to register your employees with the Delaware Department of Labor Industrial Affairs Department at (302) 761-8328 or the Maryland Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation at (410) 767-2232 and ask to talk to an apprenticeship specialist.

Any Delaware resident who becomes a “state registered apprentice” or non-resident who becomes a “state registered apprentice” and works for a Delaware company can utilize their status to attend apprenticeship classes at Sussex Tech tuition free.

Sussex Tech Adult Education is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Program.  Auxiliary Aids and services are available upon request for individuals with Disabilities.