Technical Areas

Automotive Technologies

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Business, Finance & Marketing

The Business, Finance and Marketing (BFM) Technologies program prepares students for today’s competitive business environment.

Carpentry and Construction Management

This program provides students the knowledge and skills for employment in today’s residential, commercial, or

Cisco Networking

Information Technology / CISCO Networking Academy The Cisco Networking Academy program of study blends the

Collision Repair Technologies

Collision Repair Technologies is a challenging and rewarding program. Collision Repair is a multi-faceted program


Although styles and fashions change from year to year, the work of cosmetologists remains the

Dental Services

The Dental Services and Technologies program will prepare students for employment as a dental assistant

Digital Publishing and Design

The Digital Publishing and Design Technologies program prepares students to enter the Graphic Design industry.

Early Care and Education

The Early Care and Education program examines the growth and development patterns of infant, toddler,

Electrical and Green Energy

The Electrical and Green Energy Technologies program covers the elements of electricity and the electrical


The Electronics program is an exciting career program designed to prepare students for electronic technical

Health Professions

Any student interested in a career in the rapidly expanding health field will get a

HVAC-R Engineering

HVAC-R Engineering prepares students with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully enter a career

Landscape and Environmental

Landscape Management and Environmental Technologies is an exciting career program. Sussex Tech, in partnership with

Legal Support Services and Criminal Justice

The Legal Support Services and Criminal Justice Technologies program provides instruction in the areas of

Media Broadcasting

The Media Broadcasting Communications Technologies program is an intensive three-year educational experience that prepares students

Physical Therapy – Athletic Health Care

This program prepares students to enter multiple health-related professional fields and postsecondary education paths of

Work Based Learning – WBL

Interested in Work-Based Learning? Sign up here for more information.Work-Based Learning, also known as Sussex