Educational Resources

Sussex Technical High School staff has assembled these online resources for families that want students to continue practicing their skills during the school closure. We will add to these resources and expand this page moving forward.

We are not offering online classes, teaching new material, requiring student participation, or grading any assignments during this time. Not all of our students have Internet access at home, and we cannot offer education to some students while leaving out others.


>> Teacher Schoology Pages: Use your Sussex Tech email address and Schoology password to log in to access resources from your teachers, including practice packets, videos, and more.

>> Khan Academy: Free online instruction in a variety of subjects, including mathematics, science, social studies, and test prep.

>> CK-12Covers grades 1-12 and even some college courses, including math, English, social studies, science, and specialized courses like photography and astronomy. 

>> The College Board: Online resources for AP exams, the SAT, and other subjects.


>> Goodreads: Search for new books that match your tastes to read as well as create your own list.
>> CommonLit: Search and read a variety of articles by genre, grade and/or topic.
>> Readworks: Offers special parent/family reading resources to help improve reading from home.
>> Writing Contests and Prompts: Writing contests kids can enter as well as topic ideas if you want to keep your kids writing. Note: Some deadlines have passed, but will open again next year.
>> More Writing Contests and Prompts: 
While a few repeat the previous list, these focus more on creativity over essays with prize money and/or publication as prizes.


>> Bozeman Science: Free videos on key science topics.

>> HHMI BioInteractive: Activities and videos on a variety of science subjects.


>> All Spanish courses: Please continue to check your Schoology class to see the optional review activities posted by your teachers.

>> Duolingo:
A free website and app with lots of levels and categories.

>> Conjuguemos:
Vocabulary, grammar, drills, games.

>> Quizlet:
Vocabulary and grammar review.

>> SpanishDict:
Vocabulary, grammar, videos, quizzes.

>> SpanishPod101:
Free podcasts for learning Spanish.

>> National Spanish Examinations:
A way to gauge your proficiency level.

>> Study Spanish:
Vocabulary by theme, grammar, audio, self-tests.

>> Memrise:
Language app similar to Duolingo.

>> 123 Teach Me:
Games, word of the day, online tests.

>> News in Spanish

>> AP Spanish Language and Culture: The College Board is presenting live streaming classes for AP Spanish everyday from 3:00-3:45. Recordings of these classes will be available to view here. ... Lessons are being posted in the AP Spanish Schoology course in the current theme, "Beauty and Esthetics."

>> Spanish Honor Society: 
The 10-hour community service requirement has been waived this year. All new applicants who haven't already done so must pay a $10 fee before their name can be submitted to the national office.   Please contact Sra. Calandra for details.


>> Civics: Khan Academy ... Crash Course videos

>> AP U.S. History: Students can read Gary Nash, "The American People," chapters 26-29. Tutorials for units 7-9 are under Useful Links in Schoology. ... In early April, free online video lessons will be available for material usually taught in the closing weeks of a class.

>> U.S. History: Khan Academy ... ESRI Geo Inquiries ... Stanford History Educational Group (students will need to create an account)

>> Global Issues: The Crucial List of issues.

>> AP Psychology: Complete vocabulary for future units. Students can refer to the syllabus and know the Module number for each unit.

>> Sociology: Current unit, Chapter 3, Culture.
* Readings: Chapter 3 of textbook ... Khan Academy
* Videos: Cultures, Subcultures, & Countercultures ... Symbols, Values, Norms & Crash Course
* Practice & Games: Quizlet Chapter 3 Review ... Kahoot Chapter 3 Intro Game ... Kahoot Chapter 3 Advanced Game
* Conduct your own research for more information! Suggested searches: Values by sociologist Robin Williams, nature vs. nurture, cultural relativism, ethnocentrism, cultural etiquette around the world, cultural universals.

>> 9th Grade World History: Current unit, Agrarian and Industrial Revolutions.
* Readings: Chapter 7 of textbook (username techstudent19, password raven19!) ... Khan Academy ... The Victorian Web ... Industrial Revolution
* Videos: What was the Agrarian Revolution? ... Industrial Revolution Crash Course ... Industrial Revolution Crash Course History of Science ... BBC's Industrial Revolution ... Birth of Europe: Coal, Blood and Iron ... The Industrial Revolution, 18th-19th Century
* Practice & Games: Quizlet Agrarian Revolution ... Quizlet Industrial Revolution ... Kahoot Agrarian and Industrial Revolutions
* Conduct your own research for more information! Suggested searches: Agrarian Revolution farming methods, British Industrial Revolution, cottage industry, command vs. market economies, Karl Marx, tenements, effects of industrialization in Britain


>> Math Planet: Study math for free, including Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry, as well as practice SAT and ACT tests.

>> Unlock Math: A feature-rich online math curriculum for grades 6-12. You can sign up for a free 14-day trial and get an extension for three weeks due to school closures by emailing Unlock Math.

>> Delta Math: Covers a wide range of math content from middle school to AP calculus.

>> Free online high school math courses from nonprofit organizations and some universities, including common subjects like algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus.

>> Core Math Tools: A downloadable suite of interactive software tools for algebra and functions, geometry, trigonometry, and statistics and probability. (Java is required; tools are not optimized for mobile devices.)

>> TI Graphing Calculator: Texas Instruments is offering temporarily free resources for students to assist with remote learning, including graphing calculator emulator software which you can download to a computer.

>> DesmosOffers an HTML5 graphing calculator of special use to students with visual impairments.

>> Calculation Nation: Math games and puzzles that let students challenge opponents from anywhere in the world.

>> Hooda Math: High school math games.

>> Pearson Education: Math games for grades K-5.

>> Math Challenges for Families: Interesting math activities for middle-school grades that students can do at home with their families.


Students can review these websites that contain updates on illnesses in the salon and best practices, how-to videos, and professional information:

All students may do practice tests on Schoology. The practice tests have all been open and set up for unlimited attempts and question reviews. All 32 chapters are open for all grade levels.

>> 10th grade: Cosmetology 1, section 1-2. Click on tests and then click the chapter you want to practice.

>> 11th grade: Cosmetology 2, section 1-4. Click on tests and then click the chapter you want to practice.

>> 12th grade: Cosmetology 3, section 1-6. Click on tests and then click the chapter you want to practice.

Please consider reviewing and practicing your exam review book. Ms. Dykes will send an update concerning boards as soon as we have information on any changes.


Integrated Business Technology course: Students have a login for GMetrix to review the online study guide for Word 2019. Dr. Neal has posted an enrichment folder on Schoology with the link.

Business Ownership course: Small Business Administration's pages on legal requirements and how to write a business plan.

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