• Students who are issued a parking pass are not eligible to ride a school bus to/from school, per Delaware Code, Title 14 §2909 and §4115.
  • Busing is assigned in relation to the physical address of each student's primary guardian and must be within Sussex County.
  • Students may be required to walk up to 1/2 mile (not including private developments or roads) to an assigned stop.
  • Buses do not travel inside private developments or where a "turn-around," if necessary, is impracticable.
  • Busing information is mailed home with student schedules typically the first week of August. Your child's driver will call you with the pick-up location and approximate time.


  • All address changes must be processed by the Student Services office.
  • Please use the following form to update your child's transportation information as needed (change of home address, etc.). This form, which may also be found in the high school and Transportation Offices, must be completed and submitted prior to making any new transportation arrangements.
  • Please ensure that you submit your request at least 3 business days prior to the desired date of change, as the updated busing information will not be available until the day after the address change is processed by Student Services.

Download the Application for Student Transportation

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