Remote Learning Plan

[ Sussex Tech families: Please also see Superintendent Guthrie's April 2 message with more details about the calendar and our projected return to school.]

Sussex Technical School District

Remote Learning Plan Guidance

Based on a May 18, 2020 Return to School for Students and Staff


Submitted to Secretary Bunting
April 1, 2020


  1. Teacher Critical Dates:
    1. Teacher Start Date: March 30, 2020
    2. Teacher End Date: June 17, 2020


  1. Student Critical Dates:
    1. Student Start Date: April 6, 2020
    2. Student End Date (grades 9-11): June 12, 2020
    3. Student End Dates (grade 12): June 5, 2020
    4. Graduation: June 11, 2020


      Note: Sussex Tech is adding back four days from Spring Break and six inclement weather days as instructional days.


      Overview of Delivery Plan:  Grades 9-12


  1. Objective - To provide students with meaningful learning opportunities in a distance learning environment. The learning opportunities must be delivered in an accessible and equitable fashion. On a daily basis, teachers are expected to work remotely with students. 


  2. Expectations - To create a work routine that reflects teachers’ traditional work schedules and classes. Teachers shall not introduce new information, new learning, or grade any assignments; however, teachers may offer meaningful formative feedback to students. Additionally, all student work will be voluntary. 


  1. Teacher Days shall include any of the following activities:
    1. Planning, individually or through electronic conferencing, for online instruction to students;
    2. Planning, individually or through electronic conferencing, for transition activities for students when they return to school;
    3. Providing learning opportunities to students through Schoology and other online platforms, or through paper instructional packets;
    4. Reviewing student work;
    5. Hosting online parent meetings; 
    6. Participating in virtual I.E.P. meetings; 
    7. Engaging in work-related professional development activities; and
    8. School counselors shall make themselves available to students from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. to offer a variety of their normal services, including mental health counseling for students in need.
    9. School counselors are to post office hours for student and parent contact.  
    10. School counselors are to use electronic conferences to meet and discuss student /parent questions.
    11. School counselors are to virtually attend all student meetings such as I.E.P, 504, and parent teacher.
    12. School counselors are to contact and touch-base with their students on the I.S.T. and S.E.B. lists.
    13. School counselors are to contact and touch-base with seniors that are at-risk of not graduating.  
  1. Learning Opportunities for students may include the following:
    1. Live online classes. Teachers may utilize Schoology’s Conferencing feature to conduct live sessions with the option of recording those sessions so students can use as enrichment/remediation. This also benefits our special education students.
    2. Daily communication from teachers through the Messenger feature in Schoology.  
    3. Daily updates from teachers on each of their Schoology pages. 
    4. Daily office hours held by teachers via a virtual conferencing tool (Zoom or Schoology).  
    5. Virtual parent and teacher meetings. 


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