Scheduling 2020-21

Sussex Tech rising juniors and seniors:

It’s scheduling time again, and we have developed a new online system for your schedule requests this year. Course registration will be taking place over the next few weeks via Home Access Center, and you will also have the opportunity to meet with a counselor to discuss your requests.

Step One: Review the documents

On Schoology, you will find two documents – a copy of a PowerPoint presentation which explains the process, and a scheduling course selection sheet. Please review the scheduling sheet and watch the PowerPoint with the audio to get an understanding of the process before meeting with a counselor.

Step Two: Join a Zoom session

Beginning the week of May 11, our counselors will be scheduling Zoom sessions by technical area to explain this process and answer your questions. Each counselor’s Schoology page has this information as well, in addition to course descriptions and all documents needed for dual enrollment courses.

Step Three: Register on Home Access Center

Once you have completed the scheduling sheet, you can log into your Home Access Center account and enter your choices. You can also send a picture or scan to your counselor for their input.

I don’t have Internet access. How can I register or talk to a counselor?

Students lacking reliable or consistent internet access can call their counselor or email them directly:

A-D … Mr. Tull,
E -K … Mr. Hockman,
L-Roe … Mr. Firch,
Rof-Z … Mrs. Palizzi,

If you want to talk to a counselor on the telephone, dial 302-854-2820 and leave a message and return phone number:  

§  Press 1 for Mr. Persolio
§  Press 2 for Mr. Tull
§  Press 3 for Mr. Hockman
§  Press 4 for Mr. Firch
§  Press 5 for Mrs. Palizzi

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